Core Services


The first step to building a successful project is creating a solid plan. Our engineers and project managers work with you to determine which designs will work with the site, existing facilities, and other requirements of the job.


From developing a budget and scheduling the project to safety and quality assurance, we offer pre-construction services to be sure your project is successful.


Getting the details of the design is the last step before construction begins. Architectural, structural, and interior designs among other building requirements and processes are finalized. We make sure that everything is going to work correctly and smoothly.


This is where the tires meet the pavement. Our project managers take over with the actual building of the project. Whether we hire a subcontractor or perform the services ourselves, we make sure that the work is high quality and timely.


To ensure the peace of mind of our customers we provide warranties and support for any issues that may arise. Whether it is just information that is needed or whether something needs fixed, our team will be there to help.

Our Projects

We are great at what we do!

TEKKO Inc. is a full service design-build firm that offers industrial design, engineering, construction, and other services in the Western United States. We pride ourselves on our work and our collaborative efforts with clients.

TEKKO is new in name but dates back several years through staff and management experience in the industrial construction field. TEKKO was formed in 2011 when they acquired the Utah Fabrication Installation Group. The company was formed to support the industrial construction sector as mining, power, oil, gas have remained strong in the current market.

TEKKO Inc. is a full spectrum constructor and is both BROWZ and PICS compliant. Our expertise includes transportation, power, energy, public municipality’s, mining, and industrial construction, general and commercial construction, design, concrete, piping, plumbing, underground utilities, steel erection, and electrical work.”

Our staff brings experience in mineral processing, oil refining, steel industry, power generation, wastewater, water treatment, mining, and other various industrial fields. TEKKO Inc.’s project teams are highly proficient in many areas and bring advantages to our customers. TEKKO managers and employees are MSHA and OSHA certified.